How Does KISS Docs Work & How Do I Use It?

No more USB’s or clunky email attachments. Simply scan or upload directly to secure storage in the cloud, tag, share and collaborate with a colleague across the room, or a prospect in another country. Documents are updated in real time and permission can be easily added and removed to endure confidential content remains secure.

What sets KISS Docs apart is the simplicity of it’s user interface. Common throughout all platforms, the ability to easily upload and tag a file; search, download, and edit; re-upload and share, all in a few simple touches or clicks, means anyone can master the art of effective and efficient content management.

KISS Docs makes archive storage and retrieval simpler than ever before. Scan up to 160 images per minute on your KISS Docs Compatible Photocopier. Documents will be automatically OCR’d¬†and securely stored; easily accessible from any device, any place, any time. You can even search, retrieve and print with one touch directly from your KISS Compatible Photocopier.

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