What Are The Benefits Of KISS Docs?

With the KISS Docs Management System you’ll save Time, Space & Money.

No more searching filing cabinets for archived documents. No more bulky FTP Servers overflowing with misnamed historical workflow. No more clunky email attachments. With just one touch your document is scanned and OCR’d, and with one more touch it’s tagged and securely stored and ready for simple retrieval at any point in time, from any device, anywhere. Improve the effectiveness and Efficiency of your Content Management System all while saving money.

Keep Your Company Documents 100% Safe Secure With KISS Docs Management System .

We understand that document security is paramount to organisation in the modern workplace. For compliance, we store all data on the highly secure Amazon Web Server (AWS). These are the same servers used by some of the world’s largest companies, and the global leader in cloud storage.

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